Lovely cherry layer cake

The talented food blogger Frederikke Wærens has made a delicious dessert with sweet cherries and chocolate sponge cakes – a classical combination that can be found in many versions. The main ingredient of this dessert is of course sweet tasty cherries: Cherries in a mascarpone creme combined with chocolate sponge cakes coated with cherry puree and finally decorated with cherries and cherry syrup on top – YUMMY!


Cherry layer cake (around 12 pieces):

Chocolate sponge cakes:

6 eggs

250 g sugar

2 tbsp. water

100 g wheat flour

50 g potato flour

50 g good quality cocoa

1 tsp. baking powder


Cherry puree and cherry syrup:

250 g sweet Danish cherries

Juice from 1 lime

50 g cane sugar


Cherry cream:

350 g sweet Danish cherries

1 tbsp. icing sugar

250 g (1 cup) mascarpone

5 deciliter creme



Around 250 g sweet Danish cherries, washed and dried

Chopped dark chocolate



Chocolate sponge cakes:

Whip eggs and sugar thoroughly until it is light and foamy. Add the water. Mix the remaining ingredients together, sieve it into the egg beaten up with sugar, and turn it carefully together with a dough scraper. Divide the dough in 4 buttered spring forms or layer cake forms with a 23-centimeter diameter (you can also bake the sponge cakes in two forms and cut through the sponge cakes so you get four). Bake the sponge cakes immediately at 200°C in around 10 minutes.


Cherry puree and cherry syrup:

Wash, cut by half and pit the cherries. Place the cherries, lime juice and cane sugar in a saucepan and heat up the cherries slowly to they juice. Give them a short parboil. Strain the juice (save the juice for the cherry syrup!) and blend the cherries into a rough puree with a hand blender. Put the cherry puree in the fridge until the cake is put together. Pour the cherry juice back in the saucepan and boil it down until it starts to thicken. Be aware that the syrup gets even thicker when it cools. Pour the cherry syrup in a small cream jug until the cake needs to be put together.

Kom kirsebærsaften tilbage i kasserollen og kog den lidt ind, til den begynder at blive tykkere. Vær opmærksom på, at siruppen bliver endnu tykkere, når den køler af. Hæld kirsebærsiruppen i en lille flødekande og stil den til side, indtil kagen skal samles.


Cherry cream:

Mix the cream and mascarpone and whip into cream. Wash and dry the cherries. Cut in half, pit the cherries and cut them in smaller pieces. Mix the cherries with icing sugar and turn the berries in the foam.


Putting the cake together:

Coat ¼ of the cherry puree on the first chocolate layer cake sponge and afterwards place ¼ of the cherry crème on top. Continue this procedure with the next sponge, cherry puree and cherry crème until the whole layer cake is collected. Decorate the top layer of the cherry creme with fresh cherries and chopped chocolate. Pour the cherry syrup over the cake and down the sides. Serve the layer cake to a good cup of coffee or as a dessert.

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