We pick our cherries by hand – and we have carefully chosen the cherry sorts that we grow. We have worked intensely through several generations to find the perfect combination of the beautiful red colour and the full taste. In the orchard, we have chosen different cherry sorts with their own unique flavor that can be enjoyed on various occasions in the weeks of 28-32. These weeks vary from year to year. The largest variants in the cherry family are the following:

  • Star: A cherry family with a star name that only can be a pleasure to enjoy. This large and tasty cherry the award for “best cherry” in Italy. There are several sorts under the Star family, among others “Black Star”. As the name suggests, it is a very dark cherry and at the same time very popular. It is the perfect summer snack in week 28 and 29. Use the cherries from the Star family in cakes or as a topping in your breakfast.


  • Kordia: We have many names for the things we love, and this cherry is also called Attika. The colour is a dark red mahogany, and the cherry is often the most used of its kind. Korea is less sensitive to the picking due to its firm skin. The cherry can be enjoyed most of the summer because Kordia normally is ripe already from week 29 and until week 32 in August.


  • Lapins: This cherry is found in both a light mahogany and a darker version. The berries often gather closely in groups and they are therefore a bit more difficult to pick that other sorts. Lapins are best in week 30 and 31.


  • Skeena: A large quality cherry that is related to Lapins. Skeena can be found both in a light and a darker red mahogany colours and originates from an open tree. The cherry is ripe late in the period with start around week 30. Enjoy it on the terrace in the end of July.


  • Regina: This cherry is in the end of the season the best to enjoy. Regina is one of the largest and darkest cherries in top quality. This is why it is a popular cherry sort. The taste is mild and it can be enjoyed from week 30 and until the end of the season.


  • Sweet Heart: As the name applies, this is a sweet cherry. Sweet Heart is a relatively new cherry on the Danish market with an intense taste. The large cherry grows on trees where there is space between the branches and can be enjoyed in the last part of the season from week 30.


All of our cherries are from premium quality and we carefully control all phases from farm to fork. From the cherry tree blossoms with the beautiful white flowers to you enjoy the sweet cherry at home. Danfrugt Skælskør Ltd., producing the cherries, is GLOBALG.A.P.-certified and can be identified with the GGN number: 4052852197083.