Although the peak season for cherries is in the summer period, we prepare the cherry trees all year. During the winter, the trees are hibernating and sleeping. I March or April the cherries trees are cut down, after which spring shows in May when the trees blossom. The coat of white flowers in the orchard is very beautiful. This is also where we get a little help from nature because the bees and bumblebees pollinate the cherry trees.

The bumblebees are put out in groups where the queen flies in front followed by her family with around 200 members. The bee families grow double the size when they work in the cherry trees and therefore we end up to a minimum of 45.000 bees.

The cherries are ripe in July and are harvest by hand. We pick the cherries carefully by hand for several reasons, although primarily to keep the stalk on and only to choose the cherries that are ripe, but also to avoid damaging the ones that will be hanging on the tree for some time.

The secret behind our fresh cherries are that they are cooled immediately after they are handpicked in the orchard. A cooling system ensures that the cherries are chilled down to 2-3 degrees in about 10 minutes. Afterwards, the cherries are sorted by colour and size, packed and transported to the stores. This happens as fast as possible, which means, that the cherries you buy at the store has been hanging on the cherry tree only a few days before – we are very proud of this!

After this, is it up to you to decide how you will enjoy the sweet cherries. Maybe in a dessert or as a snack?