The sunny city of Skælskør is located near the Danish coast. It is an ideal location near the coast on South-West Zealand which fruit growers in the area have derived benefit from for many generations. The history narrates about cherry- and fruit production in and around the area of Skælskør for more than a hundred years.

The fertile area is located in the Great Belt climate. In this area the soil is rich, the sun shines for many hours and the amount of rain is relatively low in comparison to the rest of Denmark which is ideal for growing sweet cherries. The berries get their intense taste because they grow in a climate with many sunny hours but also because they ripen slower than in Southern Europe.

At the orchard in Skælskør we carefully pick the cherries by hand after the bees and bumblebees have pollinated them. The cherries are harvested with the stalk on which makes the cherries stay fresh even longer. We have a special cooling system that cool the cherries down to 2-3 degrees together with an advanced sorting system. This is the secret behind the high quality of Skælskør Cherries.