Danfrugt Skælskør Ltd. is a part of a unique history about a legendary orchard. Since 1883, fruit and berries have grown in Skælskør, and today the private owned company Danfrugt Skælskør Ltd. is the biggest producer of sweet cherries in Scandinavia. Danfrugt Skælskør Ltd. was born in 1980 when the Griese family took over Skælskør Orchard. In the last 20 years, the orchard has grown from 100 to around 250 hectares where we grow sweet cherries, apples, pears and plums. The fertile area and the Great Belt climate around the sun city Skælskør is ideal for exactly this purpose. The weather and nature help to improve the quality of our products but also to carefully select the best sorts within every category.

Through investments in knowledge, plants and care together with modern equipment, a high quality of fruit is obtained at Danfrugt Skælskør Ltd. At a gentle pace, we have become the biggest fruit and cherry grower without compromising with the original craftsmanship and our high quality requirements.

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